Basilar Migraines Symptoms And What To Expect..


Basilar migraines are in a group called complicated migraines, which are subtypes of migraines.

They only affect about one percent of migraine sufferers, but out of 28,000,000 that's still around 300,000 that sufferer with this type or headache.

Under complicated migraines, three more types of migraines could be, hemiplegic migraines, abdominal, and optic migraines.

There're two types of migraines that most sufferers have, one of them is when the headache is proceeded by aura, which would be changes in vision, hearing, or sense of smell. They're called classic migraines.

If you have migraines without aura, they're known as common migraine. More information can be found on complicated migraines.


Basiler artery migraines are caused by brain stem dysfunction.

Serious episodes of attacks can lead to stroke, coma, and even death. This type of headache has at least two of these auras below.

Symptoms of basilar migraine:

  • Vertigo, which is off balance, or dizzy headed.
  • Ringing in the ears.
  • Decreased ability to hear.
  • Unsteady, or clumsiness of limbs.
  • Vision may be effected, such as double vision.
  • Difficulty in speaking, or slurred words.
  • Tingling, or numbness in the skin.
  • Not being able to move with a decreased level of consciousness.

Some of these symptoms also mimic stroke and should be looked at in the emergency room.


My girl on the right

Several years ago, my wife was having several of these symptoms. I called 911, rushed her to the hospital,and after two days, they still had no idea what happened to her. They just knew she didn't have a stroke.

More info about a visual migraine.

Basilar migraines happen more often in young girls, and young women. Children with this migraine may lose the ability to move.

For instance, a partial seizure can give a headache, but this type of migraine can be associated with loss of consciousness. See how tricky this can be. This migraine is a major type of migraine and needs attention in short order.

Since there aren't diagnostic tests that Doctors can use for these headache disorders, such as "cluster headaches, and migraines", they are diagnosed by the symptoms you have. A headache specialist is a must for complicated migraines.

This is the reason a very good description of exactly what happen has to be related to the specialist in order for the Doctor to make his/her diagnose as what type of migraine that was experienced. A thorough physical examination will be given to rule out other conditions.

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Our last page was about atypical migraine, and the next page addresses a vestibular migraine. Home page from basilar migraines. More information about basilar migraines, and more migraine types can be looked at.

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