Atypical Migraine can Mimic Strokes..


Atypical migraine isn't the typical migraine.

There're symptoms unlike a common migraine has and not many patients are seen by headache specialist each year. The duration of these migraines are from four hours to a few days. The migraine symptoms may be different from another person. They come with different phases but all may not be had in an attack. And the same goes for the length of time experienced with them. These migraines have basically the same symptoms as the classic migraine but with added and worst symptoms.

This type of migraine will have to be diagnosed by what information the headache specialist is give. For instance, if no aura is had then the common migraine is diagnosed, but if other sensory symptoms are involved before or after the headache (you may not have the head pain), your headache Doctor may call this classic migraines.

Classic migraines go into several sub-types, with quite a few migraine symptoms, such as!!

  • Mood changes for some sufferers
  • Dizziness could be from atypical migraine
  • You could also have blurred vision
  • Let's not forget unexpected fatigue
  • Also one could have stomach discomfort

The atypical migraine is just occasionally experienced.

Atypical migraine symptoms to be concerned about.

Neurological symptoms are present such as:

  • Visual symptoms can be present
  • Slurred speech
  • One sided muscle weakness

Atypical migraines are hard to diagnose

They resemble the symptoms of stroke, and certain types of seizures so close the Doctors may not be concerned that what was described to them was actually a migraine. They have to rule out anything more serious. If an attack only lasts for a few hours, it may be hard to diagnose.

Anytime there's numbness, go to the hospital to rule out stroke or anything else going on. This is one of the complicated migraines, and they're called this for a reason.

Preventing any type of migraine is the best course of treatment.

The atypical, or complex migraines are much more annoying, and ones to worry about. They don't always have as much pain involved, and this may suggest something more serious.

All types of migraines can have triggers that can set them off. And the most ordinary things can bring on a migraine. Below are some...

  • Coughing can cause coughing headaches.
  • Emotional stress has long been a migraine culprit
  • Physical activity is limited for many migraine sufferers
  • For some migraine sufferers odors can trigger a headache
  • Loud sounds is a trigger of migraines
  • Also poor eating habits is a factor for many headaches
  • Bad sleeping habits can trigger migraines
  • Menstrual cycle in women wreck havoc on migraines and headaches
  • Bending over can sometimes trigger a migraine

Some migraine food triggers could be causing the migraines.

Once the headache specialist determines a-typical migraine attack was involved, preventive migraine medicine will be prescribed to lessen the frequency of the attacks. These migraines can be caused by the same things that are responsible for all headaches. The difference in this headache are the symptoms that are so close to a stroke symptom. All sub-types of migraines have disturbing symptoms, and are experienced by a small percent of migraine sufferers. No guess work should be used for any of these headaches. They should be diagnosed and treated by a headache specialist.

Try some of the simple things suggested above to help prevent the migraine attacks. Check the food triggers, and see if there's a connection.

Thanks for reading.

Our last page is about a migraine without headache, and our next page covers another rare headache called a basilar migraine. Home page from atypical migraine. More info about migraines.

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