Aspartame Headaches.. From Consuming Aspartame!!

Aspartame Sign

Aspartame headaches is thought to come from consuming this product.

Although the makers of aspartame say it doesn't cause  headaches, thousands of phone calls to the FDA about it can't be ignored. Not only headaches but many more symptoms are blamed on this artificial sweeter.

 This has been a debate for some years. A few studies on aspartame say that it doesn't cause headaches. And the makers of aspartame claim that it doesn't.

Aspartame isn't only found in drinks, but in hundreds of other products. If someone suspects that aspartame is behind their headaches or another worrisome symptom but don't consume drinks, then close attention would have to be paid while shopping for food. Even some children's vitamins have this in them.

Diet Drink

An example of some aspartame products are:

Instant breakfasts, breath mints, cereals, sugar-free chewing gum, cocoa mixes, coffee, frozen desserts, gelatin, desserts, juice beverages, laxatives, multivitamins, milk drinks,  shake mixes, soft drinks, tabletop sweeteners, instant teas, and coffees topping mixes, yogurt,  pharmaceuticals and supplements.

Aspartame headaches aren't the only aliment that is said to be caused by aspartame.

There have been many studies on aspartame to see if it triggers headaches.

One of many studies that were done on headache sufferer resulted in this:

Aspartame headaches/migraines was studied by Shirley M Koehler, at the University of Florida. Here was what was found. With four doses daily of 300 MG of aspartame for four weeks compared to taking a placebo the difference was quite noticeable. The ones taking 300MG of aspartame, in more than half of the group, their migraines doubled. The migraines went from 1.55 to 3.55. Their headaches also had some unusual symptoms for some. There were reports of dizziness, shakiness, and diminished vision.


Why aspartame triggers migraines isn't known. But like other headache food triggers, it strikes some that have a inborn vulnerability . The same thing is said about MSG by its makers. (MSG is also used in many foods such as weenies and triggers headaches in some individuals.) But ask the ones that not only have headaches from this, but burning, and tingling in the face, and chest, to perspiration, and excessive abdominal cramps, and dizziness.

How safe is aspartame/NutraSweet?

It's believed to not only  trigger aspartame headaches in some, but there's more to be concerned about. Here are some of the other symptoms of aspartame that have been reported, and they are a wide variety of them.

  • Mood swings 
  • Memory loss 
  • Dizziness 
  • Depression 
  • Insomnia
  • Diarrhea 
  • Anxiety 
  • Promotes grand mal seizures 

This is just a small number of symptoms that can derive from consuming this product.

I was talking to a woman in my wife's headache specialist office.

She started talking about aspartame headaches. Here's what she said about her encounters with aspartame.

She said she finally made the connection on aspartame and headaches several years before. She  had to have her colon checked, and was given a liquid to drink the night before the test. (Remember the pharmaceuticals, and supplements.) She said that she developed a terrible migraine after she drink the liquid. Upon reading on the bottle,  it had aspartame in it. She said not long after that she was eating a low fat yogurt, and got a headache before she finished it. The second, and third day was the same. She said that her head was hurting before she finished eating each day. Then she realized the yogurt had aspartame in it. She said she carefully checks everything now before she buys it and never consumes this product.

Our conclusion on this product is: If there are any symptoms that that you are experiencing that's out of the ordinary, and aspartame is consumed on a regular bases, then it may be a wise choice to take a look at this product. There's not been thousands of negative reports about this product for one to ignore.

Thanks for reading.

Our next page covers foods that trigger migraine headaches, and our last page is about having caffeine headaches when to much is consumed. Home page from aspartame headaches. Web site that has some eye opening info about aspartame.

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