Aspartame Dangers: Is Aspartame safe to Use??

Aspartame dangers are real for some that have linked their symptoms to using it.

It's in five to six thousand products. How can aspartame harm you? FDA approved, it's got to be safe.

If you read on the internet, aspartame, NutraSweet, equal, and anything else on artificial sweeteners, what you'll find is testimonial after testimonial of artificial sweeteners that have sent the users to call the FDA to complain!!!!!

Thousands of web sites have information about artificial sweeteners being dangerous, and some web sites claim artificial sweeteners to be safe to ingest, especially aspartame's own website!!!

Is there any proof to the dangers of aspartame use?

Studies that have been done, and funded by the food industry, show no danger posed by aspartame, and other artificial sweeteners.

But just about all of the independently funded studies show just the opposite. The FDA's own reports show that between the years of 1981 (a few years after it was approved) and 1995, seventy five percent of all consumer complaints was about what? You've got it, adverse reactions to aspartame.

As a matter of fact, over 10,000 people called to complain of aspartame dangers. How many didn't put their finger on an aspartame side effect they had, and didn't call the FDA? The US Department of Health and Human Services released a list of  ninety two symptoms of aspartame.

The most common aspartame side effects.

Since our site is about headaches, we'll add the top complaint. That is headaches.

  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Seizures
  • Vision problems
  • Joint Pain
  • Fatigue
  • Heart palpitations
  • Weight gain
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Memory loss. 

This last one, memory loss, we have soon enough, no need to rush it.

That's just a few aspartame symptoms of the 92 aspartame dangerous side effects reported. Some users experience symptoms that have no bases to them. Once they make a connection that it might be their artificial sweetener use and stop using it, their symptoms subside.

Two thirds of the USA population, and one hundred other countries consume aspartame, and that amounts to millions of people that also suffer with headaches and migraines. Is there a connection? If someone suffers with headaches, can they take that chance if an artificial sweetener is being used?

In 2007, twelve U.S. environmental experts asked the FDA to review potential health risks due to the recent studies linking aspartame to aspartame cancer. Here's what was asked.

Could there be Aspartame poisoning???

While that's a scary statement, we've all read where at 86 degrees F, formaldehyde is released from aspartame. A diet soda or food is put in a 97 degree F body. Could this be a perfect brain neuron destruction scenario?

Is aspartame and pregnancy safe?

Despite the fact that the U.S. FDA declared aspartame safe, they still have complaints about aspartame dangers if it's used during pregnancy, ranging from preterm labor, birth defects, mental retardation, to allergies.

Several scientific studies in laboratory animals, and also humans have been unable to find any association with birth defects, or poor pregnancy outcomes so you be the judge.

One byproduct of aspartame (phenylalanine) can cross over to the placenta. But moderate indigestion of aspartame has not been associated with pregnancy complications, again you be the judge!!!

In 1984 Robert Shapiro, head over NutraSweet division, said that aspartame was the most tested food additive in history.

Its approval process was linked with scandal, and coercion within the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and other big businesses in corporate America. My question is, why.

Therefore, H.J. Roberts MD came up with the expression aspartame disease to encompass the symptoms, complications, and public health implications of this chemical sweetener. He also wrote a medical text called Aspartame Disease.

My conclusion to aspartame dangers is!!!!

Although Aspartame is FDA approved, we have to remember Vioxx for pain (triggered heart attacks), Phen-Phen for weight loss (strokes in many) Seroquel (linked to diabetic), and many other medicines that have been FDA approved also.

An acquired taste for artificial sweeteners can be highly addictive.

I mentioned to a friend one night that I couldn't stand the smell of aspartame, and he said he consumed diet drinks, and at first they were quite repulsive Then after awhile, he said he acquired the taste for aspartame, and wanted nothing else!!!

We all know how addictive alcohol, and tobacco is for many.

With 92 reports of aspartame danger through side effects can anyone afford to jeopardize their health by ingesting it?

If you consume artificial sweeteners, and see nothing wrong with it, let us know. If you ingest aspartame through food or drinks, and think or know you had any aspartame side effects,  let us know. We have thousands of visitors searching for headache answers alone, and they need your input on using this chemical. 

Thanks so much for reading, we hope this gave you info you needed.

On our last several pages we discussed headache triggers, and by all reports from many people aspartame is another headache trigger. Catch some more side effects of aspartame on our next page. Home page from aspartame dangers.

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