Abdominal Migraines.. How to Recognize This Migraine..


Abdominal migraines are rare, and affect mostly children.

Attacks of this migraine is associated to the stomach instead of the head. Just about the only way this type of migraine will be found and property diagnosed is multiple trips to the hospital. The first trip will be most likely diagnosed as a stomach virus.

But remember Mom and Dad, if either one of you have migraines, and your child has these symptoms time after time bring this bit of information to the doctors attention.

The diagnosis is dependent on the family's history.The first time to the emergency room they may even be diagnosed with appendicitis. The abdominal pain in your child may also be with:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

If this is seen at regular intervals, and nothing else is found, they may be suffering with abdominal migraine.

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If your child has this type of migraine, they may have typical migraine attacks later in life.

Attacks can last up to three days.

To meet the guidelines for this type of migraine a child will have to have up to:

  • Five attacks to consider this a stomach migraine.

If the physician who checks your child is not familiar with this type of migraine, ask for someone that has more expertise in treating children that have these symptoms.

The diagnostic criteria for abdominal-migraines are at least five attacks with the symptoms below.

  • Attacks of abdominal pain that lasts from an hour or so up to three days without the physician actually finding anything wrong.
  • If the pain is moderate, or intense, or if they are sore, or have a dull ache in the abdominal area.
  • And if the pain is located in the middle of the stomach.
  • And last, if your child is vomiting, nausea, or pale looking.

Don't hesitate to take the child to a doctor.

Treating an abdominal-migraine can sometimes be difficult.

Some medications used to treat other forms of migraines are usually employed. A few are:

  • Elavil
  • Wellbutrin SR
  • Topamax

These medicines are used as preventives, and all have undesirable side effects in some adults and children. See if they recommend any supplements that may also work.

Depending on the age, migraines in children may be hard to put together. We have friends that had their young Grand Daughter to the hospital with vomiting and stomach pains. The first several times she was diagnosed with a stomach virus. After this continued for some time the doctors then changed their diagnose to stomach migraines.

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We have several more pages on these migraines because we think all the info will help someone.

Our last page is about migraines children can have, and our next page is on basilar migraines, a migraine that can start in children. Home page from abdominal migraines.

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