Using 5-HTP for Headaches Gives Several Advantages..


By using 5-HTP for headaches, it can also help insomnia.

HydroxyTryptoPhan or 5-HTP comes from an African plant called Griffonia Simplicifolia. Doctors prescribe certain drugs to raise serotonin levels. It's been found that migraine sufferers have low levels of serotonin, which is vital to nerve fibers.

This compound 5-HTP, upon entering the body, quite rapidly converts to the neurotransmitter serotonin. And it does it as well as prescription drugs, with much fewer side effects. 5-HTP also has more medical uses it's used for.

Less, and often forgotten headache or migraine triggers could be a deficiency of something in the body, such as a vitamin or mineral. We have several pages of info about what a magnesium deficiency can do to the body. One being giving headaches.  A deficiency in certain vitamins may produce the same results. 

5-HTP also is used for insomnia.

What's one of the triggers for headaches or migraines? Any kind of sleep disturbances can trigger all types of headaches. Not only will 5-HTP raise the serotonin levels but will help in restful sleeping. There's two headache triggers off the check list.

  • 5-HTP, taken at a hundred mg a day is one of the best supplements for insomnia. In the USA, ten million people take prescription drugs to help them sleep, with many more OTC drugs  taken.

Possible side effects of taking 5-HTP for migraines. 

  • If heartburn is experienced  
  • Mild nausea 
  • Flatulence, or a fullness in the abdomen. 

Don't take 5-HTP if your doctor has you on antidepressants, or any other drugs for migraines. If you're going to a headache doctor, talk to him before taking 5 HTP.

5-HTP and serotonin for fibromyalgia

It's known that low levels of serotonin are found in headache sufferers and also people that suffer with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia sufferers also suffer with depression, chronic headaches, and also disturbed sleep patterns. 5-HTP supplements are helpful to treat the following symptoms of fibromyalgia sufferers. The primary symptom is:

  • Severe pain in the muscles, joints, and ligaments, usually accompanied by disturbed sleep patterns, fatigue, and insomnia. 
  • Other symptoms include chronic headache, swollen lymph nodes, depression, numbness or tingling, and irritable bowel syndrome.

Other supplements used for headaches.

Other than 5-HTP for headaches:

These have been used for more years than conventional medicines to fight pain and hundreds of other ailments. 

Read the reviews on this product.

Everyone knows more about vitamins and how important they are for our well being. But 5-HTP isn't mentioned often for headache relief. One thing to remember on supplements. A herb or vitamin that helps headaches, also helps migraines.

Someone may have headaches, but in most cases, a migraine suffer will also be plagued by tension headaches, and both are triggered by many of the same triggers.

A well balanced diet is the blocks to building good health, and if we fall short on that, vitamins and mineral supplements are a must to take. We are a migraine and headache site that only has one purpose. And that's to fine something that either you or the doctor have forgot to consider as a means of headache relief. We do know for a fact that all migraine sufferers have something that triggers their migraines. Either internally or something they come in contact with or consume.

Thanks for reading.

Our last page was info on fioricet for migraines. Our next page is about an abortive called Treximet. Home page from 5-HTP for headaches.

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